Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What is use of Item Catalog?

Use of Item catalog in Oracle Inventory is to Group items that share common characteristics. In order to define catalog, we can setup distinct catalog groups to partition the Item master. Each catalog group in turn has a set of unique characteristics called as Descriptive element that describe item belonging to the Group. Oracle Inventory provides item catalogs to help you quickly locate items based on key characteristics.

For Example: We can define a new catalog group called Two-Wheeler. We can assign descriptive elements of Engine capacity, power and color to the catalog group. In Master Item Screen create an item ‘ABC’ to the group Two-Wheeler. We can choose values for each of descriptive elements such as 150CC, 11 BHP and Black or 100CC, 85BHP and Yellow. Now we can refer to the item by both unique item number ‘ABC’ or by the Two-Wheeler catalog (150CC, 11 BHP, Black). This is the use of the Item catalog. More details about creation of catalog group and descriptive element and its functionality will be explained in future posts.

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