Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Item Catalog Setup

Use the below Navigation path to setup a New catalog Group

Inventoryà Setupà Itemà Catalog Groups

  1. Create an item catalog group with the name “New Catalog” and save.
  2. Each catalog group will have set of descriptive elements.
  3. In Item Catalog Group screen click on the Details button.
  4. For the Catalog group “NewCatalog”, Create 2 descriptive elements with name as ‘CatalogElement1’ and ‘CatalogElement2’  as shown above
  5. Required check box makes the descriptive element as Mandatory one.
  6. Description default is used to modify the description of the item. When the description default is enabled, the descriptive element value is considered for the modification of the Description of the Item. This is useful in helping you to easily and quickly identify an Item.

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