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Query to fetch Purchase Receipt and its related Purchase order, Vendor details in Oracle Apps R12 (RCV_TRANSACTIONS, RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS, RCV_SHIPMENT_LINES)








Below query will help you to fetch purchase receipt details and its related purchase order, vendor, receiver information.

Key Tables:











SELECT ou_name, ph.segment1 po_num, ph.po_header_id, pol.po_line_id, pol.line_num, order_type.displayed_field line_type, COALESCE(pd.quantity_ordered,pll.quantity,pol.quantity) quantity, (pol.unit_price * (pd.quantity_ordered - pd.quantity_cancelled)) line_amount, rsh.receipt_source_code, flv_ship_source.meaning receipt_source_code, papf.full_name received_by, rsh.vendor_id, aps.vendor_name, aps.segment1 vendor_number, assa.vendor_site_id, assa.vendor_site_code, ph.org_id, rsh.shipment_num, rsh.receipt_num, rsh.ship_to_location_id, hl.location_code deliver_to, rsl.item_description, rsl.shipment_line_id, rsl.quantity_shipped, rsl.quantity_received, rsl.unit_of_measure, rsl.vendor_item_num, flv_shipment.meaning shipment_line_status_code, flv_inspection.meaning inspection_status_code, rsl.shipment_line_status_code, rct.inspection_status_code, flv_tran_type.meaning transaction_type, rct.transaction_type transaction_type_lookup_code, rct.transaction_id, nvl(rct.source_doc_quantity,0) transaction_qty, rct.transaction_date, assa.attribute1 vendor_global_code, assa.attribute2 entity_supplier_code, assa.attribute3 vendor_communication_language, pd.attribute1 company_specific_gl_code, pol.attribute2 sanction_number, pol.attribute3 inspection_required, pol.attribute4 end_user_details, rsh.attribute1 Invoice_number, rct.comments gre_comments, rsh.attribute2 exchange_rate_information, rsh.attribute3 gst_invoice_amt, rsh.attribute4 gst_exchange_rate, rsh.attribute5 custom_form_no, rct.attribute1 receipt_line_level_tax_rate from rcv_transactions rct, rcv_shipment_headers rsh, per_all_people_f papf, rcv_shipment_lines rsl, po_distributions_all pd, po_lines_all pol, po_line_locations_all pll, po_headers_all ph, ap_suppliers aps, ap_supplier_sites_all assa, hr_all_organization_units hou, hr_locations hl, fnd_lookup_values flv_shipment, fnd_lookup_values flv_inspection, fnd_lookup_values flv_tran_type, fnd_lookup_values flv_ship_source, po_lookup_codes order_type, po_line_types_b plt WHERE 1 = 1 and rct.po_header_id = ph.po_header_id and rct.po_line_location_id = pll.line_location_id AND rct.po_line_id = pol.po_line_id AND pol.po_line_id = pd.po_line_id and rct.shipment_line_id = rsl.shipment_line_id and rsl.shipment_header_id = rsh.shipment_header_id AND rct.po_distribution_id = pd.po_distribution_id AND rct.employee_id = papf.person_id AND SYSDATE BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date AND papf.effective_end_date and rsh.vendor_id = aps.vendor_id and ph.vendor_site_id = assa.vendor_site_id AND hou.organization_id = ph.org_id AND rct.deliver_to_location_id = hl.location_id AND rsl.shipment_line_status_code = flv_shipment.lookup_code AND flv_shipment.lookup_type = 'SHIPMENT LINE STATUS' AND flv_shipment.language = USERENV('LANG') AND rct.inspection_status_code = flv_inspection.lookup_code AND flv_inspection.lookup_type = 'INSPECTION STATUS' AND flv_inspection.language = USERENV('LANG') AND rct.transaction_type = flv_tran_type.lookup_code AND flv_tran_type.lookup_type = 'RCV TRANSACTION TYPE' AND flv_tran_type.language = USERENV('LANG') AND flv_ship_source.lookup_type = 'SHIPMENT SOURCE TYPE' AND flv_ship_source.language = USERENV('LANG') AND flv_ship_source.lookup_code = rsh.receipt_source_code AND order_type.lookup_type = 'ORDER TYPE' AND order_type.lookup_code = plt.order_type_lookup_code AND pol.line_type_id = plt.line_type_id;
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