Wednesday, March 24, 2010

R12 Account Receivables: Receipt Application Overview

We can apply a receipt against the below canditates,
 1. Credit Memo
 2. Invoice
 3. Related Customer’s Invoice
 4. Deposit
 5. Chargeback
 6. Debit Memo and even open Receipts.
Further we can do three more actions named Refund, Receipt Write-off’s, On Account.
For every application we can find a new record in the table named “AR_RECEIVABLE_APPLICATIONS_ALL” with the application type as “CASH”.

For example,
If Receipt amount = 1500 and got applied against a invoice with amount 500.Then APPLIED_AMOUNT becomes 500 and UNAPPLIED AMOUNT becomes 1000.Further if you want to see the above data from back end use the below query,

SELECT status
FROM   ar_receivable_applications_all
WHERE cash_receipt_id = '&cash_receipt_id'
GROUP BY status;

Further we have the below important columns in “AR_RECEIVABLE_APPLICATIONS_ALL” table,

Incase, if the application is at line level then we have the below columns also,

If you want to know more information about the “RULE_SET_ID” then please check the below tables

This rule_set_id defaulted to each org_id and the corresponding information can be found in the table AR_SYSTEM_PARAMETERS_ALL

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