Friday, February 3, 2012

BPEL–Database Adapter Basics

 1. Overview

While developing a BPEL project we would be faced with so many situations here we need to interact with Database, use FTP, or to read or write a file to local system. For such sort of situations the JDeveloper as provided us with good number of Adapters, through these Adapters we can easily interact with external environment.

Almost all the adapters generate a XML schema once we create them. As XML is understood by all environments, interaction between different environments is simplified.

In JDeveloper we have some eleven adapters like Database Adapter, FTP Adapter, File Adapter, Oracle Application Adapter, JMS Adapter and many more.

This document deals with Database Adapter only.

What is Database Adapter?

Database Adapter is a tool provided by JDeveloper to interact with standard Database. This Adapter is having four different modes of interacting. Based on our requirement we can select a mode and use it to meet our requirement.

Types of Database Adapter

JDeveloper provides four types of operations that can be done using the database Adapter. Those are:

  • Call a Stored Procedure or Function.
  • Perform an Operation on table. (Which includes operations like insert, delete, select.)
  • Poll for New or Changed Records in table.
  • Execute Custom SQL

Below links will help you to understand the above mentioned four different operations of a Database Adapter….

1. How to create a BPEL Project  and a database adapter?

2. How to configure a Database Adapter to Call a Stored Procedure or Function?

3. How to configure a Database Adapter to  poll for New or Changed records in table?

4. How to configure a Database Adapter to  Perform an Operation on table. (Which includes operations like insert, delete, select.)

5. How to configure a Database Adapter to Execute Custom SQL

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