Friday, February 3, 2012

Database Adapter to performs a simple Operation on table–BPEL

In this post, let us see how to access a database to execute a simple query like insert, update, select, or delete; BPEL provides a direct method through which we can directly interact with database without any Queries. We just need to specify the table name and the operation to be performed.

Once you have selected the Database connection or created a new database connection the next step is selection of type in which we can interact with Database. In that list we have to select the second option of performing an operation on database.

In this type, we have multiple combinations of simple Operations from which we can check the required operations and use them directly without any Queries. The screen looks as given below.


1. Once we select the required operations and click next, we will have a screen asking us to import the tables from database which we want to access. You get a dialogue box asking for a filter for name based on which the tables would be displayed in the left panel. User has to select the required tables and click on arrow mark then the tables would be displayed on right side. Now once user clicks OK the tables in the right panel are imported.


2. If you selected multiple tables then JDeveloper asks for the master table in next step. Once you have selected the master table in next step you have to give the primary key on that master table.

3. If you want to have some relations between the tables then you can create them in this step. Once you click on Create button then the following screen appears where you have to give the details of the relation that you want to create like the parent table name, Child table name, and type of relation and so on. Once this is done press OK.


4. In next step, you can select the columns that you want to exclude in Queries. Once you click finish, the creation of Database adapter for a simple operation on table is completed.


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