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Interview Questions: BOM basics

1. A list of component items associated with a parent item and information about how each item related to the parent item is called as
         Ans: Bill of Material     
2. An alternate list of component items you can use to produce an assembly is called as      
        Ans: Alternate Bill of Material          
3. An alternate manufacturing process you can use to produce an assembly.     
        Ans: Alternate Routing    
4. The number of units of a resource available in a department is called as
        Ans: Capacity Units 
5. How many Types of BOM item types are there?
        Ans: 4    
6. Select the correct BOM item type among the following?
a. standard Bill
b. model Bill,
c. option class
d. planning items
7. An assembly that uses the bill of material of another assembly as its bill is called as
        Ans: Common Bill of Material     
8. A routing that uses the routing of another assembly as its routing is called as
        Ans: Common Routing    
9. A set of items, bills, and routings can be deleted using ?
        Ans: Delete group
10. A business rule that restricts the entities to delete is called as
        Ans: Deletion Constraint
11. An area within your organization that consists of one or more people, machines, or
Suppliers is called as
        Ans: Department
12. A group of departments is called as
        Ans: Department Class  
13. A prototype part, material, subassembly, assembly, or product you have not yet released to production.
        Ans: Engineering item     
14. A resource whose capacity can be shared with other departments is called as
        Ans: Multi Department Resource
15.  The time required to receive a purchased item into inventory from the initial supplier receipt, such as the time required to deliver an order from the receiving dock to its final destination is called as  
        Ans: postprocessing lead time
16. The time required to place a purchase order or create a discrete job or repetitive schedule is called as        
        Ans: preprocessing lead time
17. The time required to procure or manufacture an item is called as
        Ans: processing lead time    
18. An optional identifier you can assign to a component on a bill is called as   
        Ans: Reference Designator    
19. Anything of value, except material and cash, required to manufacture, cost, and schedule products is called as
        Ans: Resource   
20. A scheduled period of work for a department within an organization is called as
        Ans: Shift
21. A group of capacity modifications for resource shifts to simulate, plan, or schedule
Capacity is called as
        Ans: Simulation Set
22. A calendar that identifies available workdays for one or more organizations is called as
         Ans: Workday Calendar
23. Dates that define plant or shift workday variations, including holidays, scheduled maintenance, or extended downtime is called as
        Ans: Workday Exceptions
24. The amount of a resource consumed at an operation is called as
        Ans: Usage Rate   
25. The frozen standard unit cost for a resource is called as
        Ans: Standard Rate   
26. Subdivision of an organization, representing either a physical area or a logical
Grouping of items, such as a storeroom or receiving dock is called as
        Ans: Sub inventory      

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