Friday, July 24, 2020

Query to fetch Purchase Requisition, BPA, Purchase Order and Vendor Details in Oracle Apps R12 (PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS_ALL, PO_HEADERS_ALL)

Below query will help to understand the key Purchase requisition tables, vendor tables, Purchase Order tables and its joins.


SELECT ou_name, prh.segment1 requisition_num, prh.creation_date, prh.created_by, poh.agent_id, poh.po_header_id, poh.segment1 po_num, ppx.full_name Requestor_Name, prh.description Req_Description, auth_status.displayed_field authorization_status, prh.org_id, prh.note_to_authorizer, req_type.displayed_field type_lookup_code, prl.catalog_type, prl.blanket_po_header_id, prl.blanket_po_line_num, prl.catalog_type, prl.line_num, plt.order_type_lookup_code, prl.item_description, prl.unit_meas_lookup_code, prl.unit_price, COALESCE(prd.req_line_quantity,prl.quantity) quantity, (prl.unit_price * COALESCE(prd.req_line_quantity, prl.quantity ) ) line_amount, prl.quantity_delivered, prl.need_by_date, prl.note_to_agent, prl.currency_code, prl.rate_type, prl.rate_date, prl.quantity_cancelled, prl.cancel_date, pla.cancel_reason, glcc.concatenated_segments charge_account, aps.vendor_id, aps.vendor_name, aps.segment1 vendor_number, assa.vendor_site_code, plc.displayed_field po_status, hr.location_code deliver_to_location, prl.urgent_flag, (SELECT segment1 FROM po_headers_all pha WHERE pha.po_header_id = prl.blanket_po_header_id ) bpa_number, (SELECT (CASE WHEN SYSDATE BETWEEN pha.start_date AND NVL(pha.end_date,SYSDATE+1) THEN 'ACTIVE' ELSE 'INACTIVE' END ) FROM po_headers_all pha WHERE pha.po_header_id = prl.blanket_po_header_id ) bpa_status, prl.blanket_po_line_num, (SELECT (CASE WHEN NVL((pl.expiration_date), (SYSDATE)) >= (SYSDATE) THEN 'ACTIVE' ELSE 'INACTIVE' END ) FROM po_lines_all pl WHERE pl.po_header_id = prl.blanket_po_header_id AND pl.line_num = prl.blanket_po_line_num ) bpa_line_status, prl.suggested_vendor_product_code vendor_item_number, prl.rate_date exchange_rate_date, prl.rate exchange_rate, prl.currency_unit_price FROM po_requisition_headers_all prh, hr_all_organization_units hou, hr_organization_information hoi, po_requisition_lines_all prl, po_req_distributions_all prd, gl_code_combinations_kfv glcc, per_people_x ppx, po_headers_all poh, po_lines_all pla, ap_suppliers aps, ap_supplier_sites_all assa, po_distributions_all pda, hr_locations hr, po_lookup_codes plc, po_lookup_codes auth_status, po_lookup_codes req_type, po_line_types plt WHERE prh.requisition_header_id = prl.requisition_header_id AND hou.organization_id = prh.org_id AND hou.organization_id = hoi.organization_id AND hoi.org_information_context = 'Operating Unit Information' AND ppx.person_id = prh.preparer_id AND prh.type_lookup_code = 'PURCHASE' AND prd.requisition_line_id = prl.requisition_line_id AND pda.req_distribution_id = prd.distribution_id AND glcc.code_combination_id = prd.code_combination_id AND pda.po_line_id = pla.po_line_id AND pla.po_header_id = poh.po_header_id AND pda.po_header_id = poh.po_header_id AND pda.deliver_to_location_id = hr.location_id AND poh.vendor_id = aps.vendor_id AND poh.vendor_site_id = assa.vendor_site_id AND aps.vendor_id = assa.vendor_id AND prl.line_type_id = plt.line_type_id AND plc.lookup_type = 'DOCUMENT STATE' AND plc.lookup_code = poh.closed_code AND auth_status.lookup_type = 'AUTHORIZATION STATUS' AND auth_status.lookup_code = prh.authorization_status AND req_type.lookup_type = 'REQUISITION TYPE' AND req_type.lookup_code = prh.type_lookup_code

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