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D2K Interview Questions and Answers: Part5

FORMS Questions and Answers: PART5 (41-50)

41. What is use of APPDAYPK library?
Ans: By using this library you can change the functionality of menu action and tool bar actions, and you
can add custom help files in the application.
APPDAYPK contains the packages that control the Oracle Applications Calendar feature.
42. What is use of FNDSQF library?
Ans: FNDSQF contains packages and procedures for Message Dictionary, flexfields, profiles, and concurrent processing. It also has various other utilities for navigation, multicurrency, WHO, etc.
FND_CURRENCY: Dynamic Currency APIs
FND_GLOBAL: WHO Column Maintenance
FND_ORG: Organization APIS
FND_UTILITIES: Utility Routines
43. What is a reference trigger?  Can we modify a reference trigger?
Ans: Reference trigger is a trigger, definition of the trigger will be in some other file.
We can, But Oracle Application advise against modifying the reference trigger. Because this change will affect the whole application.
44. Why we have to create packages instead of procedure / function?
Ans: If we create procedure/function, this will be compiled every call of the procedure/function, But if you create package it will not complied every call, It will increase performance of the application.
45. Can you comment your form? How?
Ans: Yes.
You can give comment of the from in Form module “comment window”.
By using FND_Standard.Form_info procedure you can comment your form, this is in Pre_Form trigger.
46. Which form objects we should not use?
Activex, Vbx, Ocx, Ole
Mouse Trigger
Combo Box
Test_io, Host built-in
47. How can we change the profile value?
Ans: By using FNDSQF library we can change the profile values.
48. What are the triggers we should not modify?
Ans: Close_this_window, Close_window, Export, Folder_Action, Key-Commit, Key-Edit, Key-Exit,
Key-Help, Lastrecord, Menu_to­_Appcore, Standard_Attachment, When_window_closed,
When_form_navigate, Zoom
49. Shall we delete exiting triggers?
Ans: We should not delete any form level trigger. But Oracle application not
encouraging deletion of any trigger.
50. What is the difference between writing code in Programme Unit and Library Files?
Ans: The code written in Programme unit is form’s specific, whereas code written in Library files, can be used across the forms.

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