Tuesday, December 14, 2010

D2K Interview Questions: PART3

FORMS Questions and Answers: PART3 (21-30)
21. What is custom development?
Ans: Custom development is new development, In order to provide new functionality , which is not available in Oracle Application, we are going for custom development.
22. What is customization?
Ans: Customization is not a new development. The existing form will be modified as per our requirement. This may be cosmetic change or navigation change or functionality change.
23. Compare Custom development & customization. When they are used and Why?
Custom development.
New development
Template form has to use
The required functionality is not provided by oracle in that case we have to go for custom development.
Tailoring the existing application
Same source file has to use
The existing functionality is not fully satisfy our requirement,  Then we are going for customization.
24. What is template form?
Ans: Template form is a form, which have standard functionality of the oracle application, like menu bar, tool bar action and some standard trigger. All forms in oracle application will be developed using this form, To get standard appearance oracle application provide this form.
25. What are steps you have to follow to register a Form?
Create the function.
Attach the function to a form function
Attach the form function to menu.
26. What is a Form function?
Ans: Form function is nothing but form. Oracle Apps treats all the forms as function.
27. What is Form sub function?
Ans:  Sub function is a non-form function. Sub function will created based on form function. By using this we can restrict functionality of the form.
28. How the form sub function is implemented?
Ans:  By using parameter and profiles.
29. What is folder form?
Ans:  Folder form is a special form, here the user allow changing the appearance of the form as he/she like. The user can rearrange the fields, resize the fields. This changes will be permanent belongs to the user.
30. Name the directories where you have to copy your Fmb and Fmx files?
Ans:  All FMB files will be coped in AU_TOP form directory. FMX will be copied to corresponding Prod_Top form directory.
e.x   all GL forms fmx will be coped in GL_Top form directory.

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