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D2K Interview Questions: Part4

FORMS Questions and Answers: PART4 (31-40)

31. Why we have to maintain the file names in Capital Letter? ( Library/FMB)
Ans: Some of operation system will have case sensitivity; those OS may not be able to get the correct file, for avoiding case sensitivity problem we have to maintain the file name in UPPER case.
32. Can we put all the logic in the trigger?
Ans: No, Create a package, put all the logic in package. Call the package from the trigger.
33. What is item handler package?
Ans: Item handler package is a package. This package will take care of the item validation, navigation. Each block can have one package with the name of block name.
34. What is event handler package?
Ans: Event handler package is a package. This package will take care of the various event of the form, like post query, pre query, when new record instance etc. Each form has event handler package with the name of form name.
35. What is table handler package?
Ans: Table handler package is a package. This package will take care of the insert, update and delete operation of view-based block. Each form can have one package with the name of form name.
36. What are the standard libraries available in template form?
                 2. APPDAYPK
37. What is who column and how can you set the values?
Ans: Who columns are database columns, which gives the history of the record. (it will gives created user name with date and last modified user name with date of the record).
By using fnd_standard.set_who procedure we can set the value.
38. What is use of custom library?
Ans: By using this library we have to do cosmetic and navigation change in form customization.
39. How can you change the default menu bar action?
Ans: By using APPCORE library
40. What the APPCORE contains ?
Ans: The packages and procedures those are required of all forms to support the menu,
Toolbar, and other required standard  behaviors.
Some APPCORE event routines call routines in the VERT, GLOBE, and CUSTOM libraries
APP_COMBO: Combination Block API
APP_DATE: Date Conversion APIs
APP_EXCEPTION: Exception Processing APIs
APP_FIELD: Item Relationship Utilities
APP_FIND: Query Find Utilities
APP_ITEM: Individual Item Utilities
APP_ITEM_PROPERTY: Property Utilities
APP_RECORD: Record Utilities

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