Thursday, May 6, 2010

Query to find the Discount amount related to an order (R12)

Below query gives you the information about order and if any discounts available against the order.

I have tested this query in R12.1.1. 

SELECT h.order_number
               ,'ORDER', l.unit_list_price*l.ordered_quantity*pa.operand*SIGN(pa.adjusted_amount)/100
                   ) Discount_Amount
FROM   oe_order_headers_all h
      ,oe_order_lines_all l
      ,oe_price_adjustments pa
WHERE h.header_id   = l.header_id
AND   h.org_id      = l.org_id
AND   h.header_id   = pa.header_id
AND   l.line_id     = pa.line_id(+)
AND   h.order_number='&order_number';

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