Thursday, May 6, 2010

Query relating Delivery legs and its Trips ( R12 )

Below query gives you the info about the DELIVERY LEGS and its associated TRIPS based on delivery id.

I have tested this query in R12.1.1.

SELECT wt.trip_id
      ,wtp.stop_id                 pick_stop_id
      ,wtp.stop_location_id        pick_stop_location_id
      ,wtp.status_code             pick_status_code
      ,wtp.stop_sequence_number    pick_stop_sequence_number
      ,wtp.planned_arrival_date    pick_planned_arrival_date
      ,wtp.planned_departure_date  pick_planned_departure_date
      ,wtp.actual_arrival_date     pick_actual_arrival_date
      ,wtp.actual_departure_date   pick_actual_departure_date
      ,wtp.departure_net_weight    pick_departure_net_weight
      ,wtp.weight_uom_code         pick_weight_uom_code
      ,wtd.stop_id                 drop_stop_id
      ,wtd.stop_location_id        drop_stop_location_id
      ,wtd.status_code             drop_status_code
      ,wtd.stop_sequence_number    drop_stop_sequence_number
      ,wtd.planned_arrival_date    drop_planned_arrival_date
      ,wtd.planned_departure_date  drop_planned_departure_date
      ,wtd.actual_arrival_date     drop_actual_arrival_date
      ,wtd.actual_departure_date   drop_actual_departure_date
      ,wtd.departure_net_weight    drop_departure_net_weight
      ,wtd.weight_uom_code         drop_weight_uom_code
FROM   wsh_trips wt
      ,wsh_trip_stops wtp
      ,wsh_trip_stops wtd
      ,wsh_delivery_legs wdl
WHERE wt.trip_id   =wtp.trip_id
AND   wt.trip_id     =wtd.trip_id
AND   wtp.stop_id    =wdl.pick_up_stop_id
AND   wtd.stop_id    =wdl.drop_off_stop_id
AND   wdl.delivery_id='&delivery_id'; 

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