Thursday, May 6, 2010

Query providing Order,Delivery (R12)

Below query joins the Order and Delivery tables.

This query is tested in R12.1.1.

SELECT wnd.delivery_id
FROM   wsh_new_deliveries wnd
      ,wsh_delivery_assignments wda
      ,wsh_delivery_details wdd
      ,oe_order_lines_all l
      ,oe_order_headers_all h
WHERE wnd.delivery_id        = wda.delivery_id
AND   wdd.delivery_detail_id = wda.delivery_detail_id
AND   wdd.source_line_id     = l.line_id
AND   wdd.source_header_id   = l.header_id
AND   l.header_id            = h.header_id
AND   wnd.delivery_id        ='&delivery_id‘;

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