Monday, May 3, 2010

Loading Tax information into Oracle Apps Release 12 (R12.1.1)

Below are steps needed to be followed for loading Tax Information into Oracle Apps R12.

1)      Please get data file from tax partners (Vertex or Tax ware) in R12 format.
2)      Copy file to a Linux or Unix directory. Filename - *.dat. Please note that loading the data file into interface table is a part of the Request Set and will not need to be done manually.
3)      Click "Tax Managers" responsibility
4)      Click "Schedule Request Set" link under "Requests"
5)      Select "E-Business US Sales and Use Tax Import Program" from the "Request Set Name" LOV
In the first stage,
a) Enter "File Location and Name" parameter (directory in which partner data file has been placed, filename could be *.dat) e.g. "/home/user/zx/TMD2.dat" ,
b) select "2" (for Tax ware) or "1" (for Vertex) for the "Tax Content Source" parameter
c) select a Tax Regime Code (new or migrated) for "Tax Content Source Tax Regime Code" parameter.
Click "Next" twice to submit the request.
6)      Check the status of programs
7)      After completion, data will be loaded into TCA Geography model and Ebiz Tax entities - Tax, Status, Rates, and Jurisdictions.

Below Metalink notes on R12-Ebusiness tax functionality, may be helpful for fulfilling your requirements. Also find the attached Tax API list for Receivable module. Using E-business tax, we can calculate tax other than US also, example see the Metalink note: 577996.1 for implementing e-business tax for Canada.

Ø      Note: 577996.1 -  Release 12: Integrating E-Business Tax with Oracle Receivables and Payables for Country CANADA.
Ø      Note 461084.1 - How Do We Load Tax Data From Taxware/Vertex Into Oracle
Ø      Note 550569.1 - R12 Vertex Data - How to integrate
Ø      R12 E-Bus Tax Partner Integration; Troubleshooting Tax Default Inconsistencies on Sales Orders Specific to Subscriptions of Service Providers [ID 471813.1]
Ø      Note: 566131.1 - Release 12: Vertex/Taxware - Critical Patch For Vendor Data Load.
Ø       Using Taxware and Troubleshooting the Integration with R12 E-Business Tax (EBTax) [ID 806575.1].
Ø       WHITE PAPER : How to Load a custom rate file in R12 E-Business Tax
Ø       How Do I Upload Tax Data For Transactions to Receivables From a Legacy System If Oracle Does Not Provide An API? [ID 759708.1]
Ø       Note 463001.1 - EBusiness Tax Seed Data

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