Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Assign Catalog Group to an Item

Please check the below post to understand the basic setups required for creating a Catalog Group
Navigation: Inventoryà Itemsà Master Items

  • Already existing item ‘ITEMTESTCATALOG’ is considered.
  • To assign a catalog to this item, click on Toolsà Catalog of the Master Item Screen.
  • In the catalog group field, enter the newly created Catalog Group Name ‘NewCatalog’.
  • When we tab out, automatically the descriptive elements associated with the catalog group will be populated in the descriptive element fields.
  • In this case, for catalog group ‘Newcatalog’, descriptive elements ‘CatalogElement1’ and ‘CatalogElement2’ are populated automatically.
  • For each descriptive element, we need to enter a value. This value is actually used in the description of the items. While setting up Descriptive element for Catalog group if the description default is enabled, then automatically it will be enabled in this screen.
  • For descriptive element ‘CatalogElement1’ value ‘Test123’ is added and similarly for Descriptive element ‘CatalogElement2’ value ‘Testing’ is added as shown in the above figure.
  • There is a field named Item catalog Description available in the same Item catalog window.
  • It is actually the new description of the item. It will be the combination of the Item catalog group name and element values. In this case it is showing as ‘NewCatalog.Test123.Testing’.
  •  Suppose if any of the element value is not populated, then in the description of the item null will be considered. For example if the element value for the descriptive element ‘CatalogElement1’ is not populated, then in the Item catalog description field we can see the value as ‘NewCatalog..Testing’.

Updating Description of an Item

·         To update the description of the Item, we need to click on the update description button in Item Catalog Screen.
·         Before clicking the Update Description button description for the item is showing as ‘ITEMTESTCATALOG’.

  • After clicking the Update Description button, the description is updated to the value of Item catalog Description.

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