Sunday, February 28, 2010

Autoinvoice Setup : Line Ordering Rules

Autoinvoice Line Ordering Rules which enables users to define line ordering rules. Name, Description, Effective Start Date, Effective End Date, Sequence, Transaction Attribute and Type are the fields displayed.
These rules are used by Autoinvoice to determine the order of the transaction lines on a particular invoice. When line ordering rules are not defined, Autoinvoice orders lines randomly on the transaction. A line ordering rule can be assigned to each grouping rule. Active invoice line ordering rules appear as a list of values in the Grouping rules window. Line ordering takes place after grouping.
In the Sequence field, enter the priority of the transaction attribute. Enter a higher number to specify a lower priority for the particular transaction attribute.
In the Transaction Attribute field, enter the transaction attribute by which lines are to be ordered.
In the Type field enter the order in which the transaction attribute must be sorted. Ascending sorts the particular transaction attribute from least to greatest and Descending sorts the particular attribute from greatest to least.

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