Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to create custom tables with "org" Specific data in R12?

if custom table contains data partitioned by ORG_ID. All you need to do in such case is to assign package function MO_GLOBAL.ORG_SECURITY to that table/synonym/view.
Will the Multi Org Row Level security be applied against the table or the synonym or the view?
In theory, RLS can be applied against any of the above objects. However in practice, you will apply RLS against Objects in APPS Schema. This means, you will most probably apply RLS on Synonyms. Basically, the Multi Org Views are now replaced by RLS Secured Synonyms. Hence no code change is required where the pre-R12 Multi-Org secured view was being accessed. The responsibility of securing data as per ORG_ID now lies with RLS [also known as VPD - Virtual Private Database].

I have made changes to my Multi Org Security Profile, by attaching a new Org Hierarchy. Do i need to run any process?
Just like we do in HRMS, it is advised that any changes to Security Profiles must be followed by running "Security List Maintenance"

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