Sunday, February 28, 2010

Autoinvoice setup : Grouping Rules

Name, Description, Line Ordering Rule, Effective Start Date, Effective End Date, Transaction Class and Optional Grouping Characteristics fields are displayed.
Auto invoice uses grouping rules to group lines to create one transaction. Mandatory grouping attributes cannot be dropped. However, users can add optional grouping attributes.
The grouping rule DEFAULT , is a seeded value, which contains all the mandatory grouping attributes. When an upgrade takes place, from a previous version of Oracle Receivables, this grouping rule becomes the default grouping rule initially. If this rule is used to create transactions, additional grouping rules need not be defined. The grouping rule DEFAULT can be customized, by including additional optional transaction attributes.
Lines which have identical values in the columns for mandatory attributes and the optional attributes, defined in the grouping rule, are grouped into one single transaction.
In the Transaction Class field, enter the class of transaction name, to which this grouping rule should apply. If a particular class of transaction has no grouping rule defined, then, only the mandatory transaction attributes are considered for grouping.
Autoinvoice uses the following hierarchy to determine the grouping rule that is to be used:  

1. Transaction batch source 
2. Customer site level 
3. Customer profile leve
4. System Options Window
If a grouping rule is not specified, either, at the Transaction Source or at the Customer Site level or in the Customer Profile Classes window, Autoinvoice uses the default grouping rule specified in the System Options.

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