Saturday, February 13, 2010

Autoinvoice error: Please correct the revenue account assignment

Iissue may be beacuse of follwing reasons
1) Autoaccouting setup
2) Memo line Setup
3) Item defination setup

check 1:Go in Receivables Responsiblity
Setup > Transactions > Sources
Query the source that you are importing
Go in the Other Information tab
Check the setup for Memo Line Rule.

check 2:Other way to do you can analayze the log and try to find the root cause.
1) Make sure you have done the proper setup for the source for your autoaccounting in AR
Go to Setup->;Transactions->Autoaccounting
Pay particular attention to the REVENUE sources and write them down. .

2) Go to each line that was rejected and manually walk through how each segment is built (fetch them from the proper sources as identified in step 1.

Make sure that the accounts shown on the Autoinvoice Execution report (in the validation errors) are truly the correct accounts based on your setup.

3) Go into GL and verify that those accounts (the results of step 2) are valid, enabled, and that there are no problems with them (there probably are some recent changes that caused this)

4) If you still think they are valid after doing steps 1-3, go ahead and enter a new transaction and attempt to override the distributions to one of the invalid accounts and see if the form lets it pass. When the form rejects an account, it often puts the cursor on the bad segment -and that can be helpful in tracking down what is causing the rejections.

Couple of other things you should also quick check:
If it has transaction type, then you have to check the transaction type you are using and make sure that you have assigned a revenue account.

If it has standard lines, then you have to check the standard lines you are using and make sure that you have assigned a sales account.

Check it out in the Item defnition endable invoiceble flag, anmd check the how Sales account are linked with Revenue account.

1)Standard Lines - For an Inventory Item navigate to
Menu: Setup>Transactions>Items>Inventory items,
verify the ‘Sales Account’ is populated in the ‘Invoicing’ alternate region.
For a Memo Line,
navigate to Setup ->Transactions ->Memo Lines, and make sure that ‘Revenue Account’ is populated.

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