Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trading Community Architecture and its Tables

Trading Community Architecture. It is a centralized repository of business entities such as Partners, Customers, and Organizations etc. It is a new framework developed in Oracle 11i.

HZ_PARTIES: The HZ_PARTIES table stores basic information about parties that can be shared with any relationship that the party might establish with another party. Although a record in the HZ_PARTIES table represents a unique party, multiple parties can have the same name. The parties can be one of four types:

Organization for example, Oracle Corporation

Person for example, Jane Doe

Group for example, World Wide Web Consortium

Relationship for example, Jane Doe at Oracle Corporation.

HZ_LOCATIONS: The HZ_LOCATIONS table stores information about a delivery or postal address such as building number, street address, postal code, and directions to a location. This table provides physical location information about parties (organizations and people) and customer accounts.

HZ_PARTY_SITES: The HZ_PARTY_SITES table links a party (see HZ_PARTIES) and a location (see HZ_LOCATIONS) and stores location-specific party information. One party can optionally have one or more party sites. One location can optionally be used by one or more parties. This party site can then be used for multiple customer accounts within the same party.




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