Saturday, May 22, 2021

How to Encode/Decode a URL using Oracle PLSQL (UTL_URL.ESCAPE AND UTL_URL.UNESCAPE)







                In this post, we have given an example usage of UTL_URL standard package for encoding or decoding a URL. Hope it helps!!

Custom Wrapper Function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION encode_decode_url (p_url IN VARCHAR2, p_action IN VARCHAR2 ) RETURN VARCHAR2 AS BEGIN IF p_url IS NULL THEN RETURN NULL; END IF; IF p_action = 'ENCODE' THEN RETURN utl_url.escape(p_url, TRUE); ELSIF p_action = 'DECODE' THEN RETURN utl_url.unescape(REPLACE(p_url, '+', ' ')); ELSE RETURN 'Error: Invslid Action'; END IF; END encode_decode_url;

Sample Run:


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