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How to set Signon Password Policy in Oracle Apps R12?







            In this post, we have given the list of profiles which controls the password policy in Oracle application R12. This is generally done during initial implementation or any changes on password policy from the customer end.

There are standard profiles which allow you to set the password policy. Further, if additional custom rules beyond standard configurable options is required, then the same can be met using the custom Java function. In this post, we have given the introduction to allprofiles  

Note: The entire setup is applicable only for local sign on .







Profile Name


Sample Value

Signon Password Case

This profile controls whether the passwords should be case sensitive or not


Signon Password Length

This controls the minimum length of the password


Signon Password Hard To Guess

1) The password contains at least one letter and at least one number.
2) The password does not contain the username.
3) The password does not contain consecutively repeating characters.


Signon Password Failure Limit

This determines the maximum number of logins a user can attempt before the user's account is disabled


Signon Password No Reuse

This profile will set the minimum number of days that a user must wait after changing his or her password before being allowed to reuse a password


Signon Password Custom

This profile allows you to bring custom password rules based on the organization needs. This requires a custom java function.

oracle.apps.fnd. security.XXSH  CustPasswordRules

Oracle References:

  1.  Setting Password Case Sensitivity (Required for Business Intelligence Publisher)
  2.  Setting Password Length Requirement
  3.  Setting "Hard to Guess" Requirement
  4.  Enabling "Forgot Your Password?" Functionality
  5.  Setting a Limit on Log-In Attempts
  6. Setting a Time Limit on Password Reuse after Resetting Password


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