Friday, July 24, 2020

Query to Fetch Purchase Order XML delivery details (ECX_DOCLOGS , ECX_OUTBOUND_LOGS, ECX_OXTA_LOGMSG)

Sending Purchase Order XML details to Supplier is a standard Oracle Feature. Its managed by e-Commerce gateway (ECX). Here we have given a query which fetches the basic details about delivery of a PO XML.


SELECT hou.short_code
	  ,aps.segment1 vendor_number
			 ) transaction_type
      ,edoc.payload po_xml
	          1000, 'Success', 
	      ) AS status
 FROM ecx_oxta_logmsg eol
     ,ecx_doclogs edoc
     ,ecx_outbound_logs eog
     ,po_headers_all pha
     ,hr_operating_units hou
     ,ap_suppliers aps
     ,ap_supplier_sites_all assa
WHERE edoc.msgid          = eol.sender_message_id
  AND eog.out_msgid       = edoc.msgid
  AND pha.segment1        = SUBSTR(edoc.document_number,
                                   1,INSTR(edoc.document_number,':',1) - 1
  AND pha.org_id          = hou.organization_id
  AND pha.supplier_notif_method = 'XML'
  AND pha.vendor_id       = aps.vendor_id
  AND aps.vendor_id       = assa.vendor_id
  AND assa.vendor_site_id = pha.vendor_site_id
ORDER BY edoc.document_number

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