Friday, July 10, 2020

How to Translate OAF Pages in Oracle apps R12? How to Import and Export OAF Page Translations?

Background: We have a custom OAF page to search a PR details in English Language.

Download Existing Translations:

Step 1: Login into Terminal (putty) and navigate to any directory.

Step 2: Setup below custom variables with appropriate values

  1. OAFPAGE – The page for which translations to be downloaded
  2. XLIIFDIR – The directory where translation files to be downloaded
  3. APPSPWD – Apps password of the instance
  4. LANGUAGES – List of languages for which we need to download translations. In this example, we will download translations in English, simplified Chinese and traditional chinese
OAFPAGE=/shareoracle/oracle/apps/po/prsearch/webui/SearchPG XLIFFDIR=. APPSPWD=apps#46 LANGUAGES="en-US,zh-CN,zh-TW"

Step 3: Execute the downloading command

-root $JAVA_TOP -username apps -password $APPSPWD
-dbconnection $AD_APPS_JDBC_URL -source db
-languages $LANGUAGES -mmd_dir $OA_HTML/jrad -xliff_dir $XLIFFDIR

Step 4: Check whether translations are downloaded

Translate the fields:

Step 5: Change translations in the xlf file for each language

Import the Translations

Step 6: Move the changed file back into server (any directory) and import the translations by firing below command

APPSPWD=apps#46 java ./PRSearchPG.xlf
-username apps -password $APPSPWD -dbconnection $AD_APPS_JDBC_URL

Hope It helps!!

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