Sunday, May 26, 2013

Query to fetch Trading partner Details of Bank Branch for EDI Payments

Below query is shared by our Guest Author , This query is used to verify whether the Trading partner setup exists for a BANK BRANCH.

SELECT DISTINCT cba.bank_account_name, 
           FROM ce_bank_accounts cba,
                ce_bank_branches_v cvv,
                hz_contact_points hcp,
                ece_tp_headers bktph,
                ece_tp_details bktpd
          WHERE hcp.owner_table_id     = cba.bank_branch_id
            AND cvv.branch_party_id    = cba.bank_branch_id
            AND bktph.tp_header_id     = hcp.edi_tp_header_id(+)
            AND bktpd.tp_header_id     = bktph.tp_header_id(+)
            AND bktpd.document_id      = 'PYO'
            AND hcp.owner_table_name   = 'HZ_PARTIES'
            AND hcp.contact_point_type = 'EDI'
            AND bktpd.edi_flag         = 'Y';

Thank you Anurag

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Unknown said...
May 30, 2013 at 4:20 AM

Hey .. thanks man.. :) . will try to contribute more.. Anurag

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