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Query to fetch customer Profile Details (HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILES)

The profile information available in the HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILES can be created in three levels namely Party, Customer Account  and Customer Account Site. The values available in the three columns of the table HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILES PARTY_ID , CUST_ACCOUNT_ID,SITE_USE_ID dictates the level of profile information.

Party Level Profile:
Party_id                = vl_party_id
Cust_account_id = -1
Site_use_id           = NULL

Customer Account Level Profile:
Party_id                = vl_party_id
Cust_account_id = vl_cust_account_id
Site_use_id           = NULL

Customer Account Site Level Profile:
Party_id                = vl_party_id
Cust_account_id = vl_cust_account_id
Site_use_id           = vl_cust_site_use_id

A Query with joins to the other master table is given below,

SELECT cp.cust_account_profile_id,
       col.NAME collector_name,
       cpc.NAME profile_class_name,
       term.NAME standard_terms,
       cyc.NAME statement_cycle_name,
       hier.hierarchy_name autocash_hierarchy_name,
       grp.NAME grouping_rule_name,
       hier_adr.hierarchy_name autocash_hierarchy_name_adr,
  FROM hz_customer_profiles cp,
       ar_collectors col,
       hz_cust_profile_classes cpc,
       ar_dunning_letter_sets dun_set,
       ar_statement_cycles cyc,
       ar_autocash_hierarchies hier,
       ra_grouping_rules grp,
       ra_terms term,
       ar_autocash_hierarchies hier_adr
 WHERE cp.collector_id          = col.collector_id
   AND cp.profile_class_id      = cpc.profile_class_id(+)
   AND cp.dunning_letter_set_id = dun_set.dunning_letter_set_id(+)
   AND cp.statement_cycle_id    = cyc.statement_cycle_id(+)
   AND cp.autocash_hierarchy_id = hier.autocash_hierarchy_id(+)
   AND cp.grouping_rule_id      = grp.grouping_rule_id(+)
   AND cp.standard_terms        = term.term_id(+)
   AND cp.autocash_hierarchy_id_for_adr = hier_adr.autocash_hierarchy_id(+)
   AND cp.party_id              = vl_party_id
   AND cp.cust_account_id       = vl_cust_account_id
   AND cp.site_use_id           = vl_site_use_id

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It helped, but for credit limit I used cust profile amounts which failed.

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