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Interview Questions : Cross Validation Rules in Oracle Apps

In this post, I prepared the possible Interview questions related to Cross Validation Rules. I believe it will be useful for my audience.

1. What is Cross Validation Rules?
Cross-Validation rules define whether segment values of a particular segment can be combined with other segment values of another particular segment when new combinations are created. In other words, cross validation rules prevents the creation of invalid code combinations. It is applicable for Key Flexfields only.

2. Illustrate the appropriated need for Cross-Validation rules with example?
Let us take Accounting Flexfield for our example, we can use cross validation rules for achieving the below business requirements
  1. To ensure all balance sheet accounts to be associated only with the balance sheet cost center or corporate cost center
  2. To ensure that profit and loss accounts to be associated with specific cost centers other than corporate cost center.
  3. To restrict data entry of cost centers that is not legitimate for a specific company.

3.  A user trying to violate the cross validation rules while data entry, what happens and what are the possibilities?
The user will receive an error message given as part of the cross validation rules definition.
  • The error messages can be made very informative and tell the user exactly what is wrong with the flexfield combination.
  • The invalid segment can also be highlighted.  

4.  What Cross Validation Rules are made up of?
A cross validation rules is composed of one or more cross validation rules elements. There are two types of rule elements and they are “Include” and “Exclude”. Each cross validation rule must have at least one include rule element because cross validation rules exclude all the values unless they are specifically included via rule element. Exclude rule elements override include rule element.

5.  What is Oracle recommendation regarding rule elements definition?
We can accomplish our business requirement either by including specific ranges explicitly or by including all possible ranges and exclude the specific ranges. But the Oracle recommendation is
One Include Rule Element which encompasses all possible values with several exclude cross validation rule elements

6.  How do you define an all-encompassing include cross-validation rule element?
An all-encompassing include for numeric segments is “O” through “9”, while for alpha numeric segments it is from “ O” through “Z”. For Example, if our flexfield has three segments with First segment of two Numbers, Second of four characters and third segment of six characters then the all encompassing include is 00-0000-000000 through 99-ZZZZ-ZZZZZZ.

7.  What will be a blank value do in a cross validation rule element?
While defining the rule element, leaving the segment blank includes all possible values

8.  What is the use of error segment and error message?
 While defining a cross validation rule, we need to enter a mandatory error message that will appear if an enabled cross validation rule is being violated. Next we can choose to enter an error segment and an effective date range. The error segment will be highlighted if this particular cross validation rule is violated.

9.  What is the difference between disabling a cross validation rule vs deleting it?
The difference is when we think about reusing the cross validation rules i.e. deleted cross validation rule needs a redefinition while disabled cross validation doesn’t  need a redefinition just  a tick in check box is enough to re enable it.

10. Whether a single flexfield structure can have multiple cross validation rules?

11. What is the need for multiple cross validation rules?
Even though we can achieve cross validation across more than one segment via single cross validation rule, it is advisable to go for multiple cross validation rules so that a clear error message and error segment can be highlighted to the user which directly point to the specific issue. Moreover, using multiple simple cross validation rules is better than single complex cross validation rule.

12. When a combination is valid for a flexfield structure which has multiple cross validation rules?
Combination is valid only if they are in at least one include rule element and outside of all exclude elements.

13. What is the navigation to define a cross validation?
Responsibility: General Ledger Vision Operations
Navigation:  Setup : Financial : Flexfield : Key : Rules

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