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Chart of Accounts Implementation in Oracle Apps R12 (Part 2)

Steps in Detail:

1. Value Set Definition:

The value set is the group of values that determine the attributes of the segment. The definition of value set decides whether the value entered for the corresponding segment is acceptable or not. We have to define the value sets for each segment we planned to have in Account combination.

Navigation: General Ledger Super User Responsibility 
Setup à Financials à Flexifeilds à Validation à Sets

 2. Defining Accounting Flexifield Structure

Define an accounting flexfield structure using the Key Flexfield Segments form.

Caution 1:
Once we freeze our account structure in the Key Flexfield Segments window and begin using account numbers in data entry, we should not modify the flexfield definition. Changing the existing flexfield structure after flexfield data has been created can cause serious data inconsistencies. Modifying your existing structures may also adversely affect the behavior of cross–validation rules and shorthand aliases.

Caution 2:
Once you are done entering the segment information, click on flexfield qualifier and designate one of your segments as the natural account segment and another as the balancing segment. You can optionally designate a cost center segment and/or intercompany segment. This is the most important step.

Navigation: General Ledger Super User Responsibility 
Setup à Financials à Flexfield à Keyà Segments

 3:  Entering Segment Values

We enter segment values which is valid for our application or organization. The valid value can be a phrase, word, abbreviation or numeric code. The valid value must conform to the criteria defined for the respective valid set.

Caution :
If you plan on defining summary accounts or reporting hierarchies, you must define parent values as well as child or detail values.
You can set up hierarchy structures for your segment values. Define parent values that include child values. You can view a segment value’s hierarchy structure as well as move the child ranges from one parent value to another. 

Navigation: General Ledger Super User Responsibility 
Setup à Financials à Flexfield à Keyà Values


4. Entering Account Combinations

This step is optional. Account combinations are part of Journal Transactions.
We can manually enter the new account combinations in a chart of accounts of a company using GL Accounts form. Anyhow, if we have checked the “Allow dynamic inserts” check box in segments for then we don’t need to worry about this step.

Navigation: General Ledger Super User Responsibility 
Setup à Account à Combinations


5. Creation of Account Alias:
This step is again optional. For input or Retrieve data about a transaction in Oracle General Ledger requires the complete Account Combination. But generally the account combination is large and very difficult to remember. Hence we define a short name (Alias) for the Account combination which we use widely.

Detail Explanation of this step is available in another article. Please click the below link

6. Define Flexfield Security Rules

This step is to prevent group of users from accessing specific segment values while data entry and in report parameters. This maintains the integrity of accounting data. The flexfield security rule is effective only when assigned to an appropriate responsibility.
However to restrict all the users from accessing the particular segment value we need to disable them in segment s form.

Navigation: General Ledger Super User Responsibility 
Setup à Financials à Flexfield à Keyà Security à Define


7. Define Cross Validation Rules

This step is required to maintain a consistent and valid set of account combination based on our business requirements. Cross validation rule prevent users from entering invalid account combinations. Cross validation rules validate only new account combinations hence it needs to be implemented before entering the chart of accounts.

Navigation: General Ledger Super User Responsibility 
Setup à Financials à Flexfield à Keyà Rules 


Part1 of this Post contains the below,

  1. Definition of Chart of Accounts
  2. Overview
  3. Graphical Representation 

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