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Oracle apps allow us to load the price list information via API named QP_PRICE_LIST_PUB.PROCESS_PRICE_LIST.
Below script will help you understand the usage of the above API. This script was tested in R12.1.1 Instance

  v_return_status             VARCHAR2(1) := NULL;
  v_msg_count                 NUMBER      := 0;
  v_msg_data                  VARCHAR2 (2000);
  v_price_list_rec            qp_price_list_pub.price_list_rec_type;
  v_price_list_val_rec        qp_price_list_pub.price_list_val_rec_type;
  v_price_list_line_tbl       qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_tbl_type;
  v_price_list_line_val_tbl   qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_val_tbl_type;
  v_qualifiers_tbl            qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_tbl_type;
  v_qualifiers_val_tbl        qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_val_tbl_type;
  v_pricing_attr_tbl          qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_tbl_type;
  v_pricing_attr_val_tbl      qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_val_tbl_type;
  ppr_price_list_rec          qp_price_list_pub.price_list_rec_type;
  ppr_price_list_val_rec      qp_price_list_pub.price_list_val_rec_type;
  ppr_price_list_line_tbl     qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_tbl_type;
  ppr_price_list_line_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_val_tbl_type;
  ppr_qualifiers_tbl          qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_tbl_type;
  ppr_qualifiers_val_tbl      qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_val_tbl_type;
  ppr_pricing_attr_tbl        qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_tbl_type;
  ppr_pricing_attr_val_tbl    qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_val_tbl_type;

  v_price_list_rec.list_header_id             := 708;
  v_price_list_rec.list_type_code             := 'PRL';
  v_price_list_rec.operation                  := qp_globals.g_opr_update;
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).list_header_id     := 708;
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).list_line_id       := fnd_api.g_miss_num;
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).list_line_type_code:= 'PLL';
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).operation          := qp_globals.g_opr_create;
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).operand            := 10;
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).arithmetic_operator:= 'UNIT_PRICE';
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).start_date_active  := '30-APR-2011';
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).start_date_active  := '29-MAY-2011';
  v_price_list_line_tbl(1).organization_id    := NULL;
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).pricing_attribute_id  := fnd_api.g_miss_num;
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).list_line_id          := fnd_api.g_miss_num;
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).product_attribute_context := 'ITEM';
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).product_attribute     := 'PRICING_ATTRIBUTE1';
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).product_attr_value    := '2600';
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).product_uom_code      := 'KG';   
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).excluder_flag         := 'N';
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).attribute_grouping_no := 1;
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).price_list_line_index := 1;
  v_pricing_attr_tbl(1).operation             := qp_globals.g_opr_create;
  dbms_output.put_line('Calling API to Enter Item Into Price List');
       p_api_version_number => 1
      ,p_init_msg_list      => fnd_api.g_true
      ,p_return_values      => fnd_api.g_false
      ,p_commit             => fnd_api.g_false
      ,x_return_status      => v_return_status
      ,x_msg_count          => v_msg_count
      ,x_msg_data           => v_msg_data
      ,p_price_list_rec     => v_price_list_rec
      ,p_price_list_line_tbl=> v_price_list_line_tbl
      ,p_pricing_attr_tbl   => v_pricing_attr_tbl
      ,x_price_list_rec     => ppr_price_list_rec
      ,x_price_list_val_rec => ppr_price_list_val_rec
      ,x_price_list_line_tbl=> ppr_price_list_line_tbl
      ,x_qualifiers_tbl     => ppr_qualifiers_tbl
      ,x_qualifiers_val_tbl => ppr_qualifiers_val_tbl
      ,x_pricing_attr_tbl   => ppr_pricing_attr_tbl
      ,x_pricing_attr_val_tbl    => ppr_pricing_attr_val_tbl
      ,x_price_list_line_val_tbl => ppr_price_list_line_val_tbl
    IF v_return_status = fnd_api.g_ret_sts_success THEN
      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('The Item loading into the price list is Sucessfull');
      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('The Item loading into the price list Failed');
      FOR i IN 1 .. v_msg_count
        v_msg_data := oe_msg_pub.get( p_msg_index => i, p_encoded => 'F');
        dbms_output.put_line( i|| ') '|| v_msg_data);
      END LOOP;
    END IF;

2 Responses to “Price List Import via API (QP_PRICE_LIST_PUB.PROCESS_PRICE_LIST) in R12”

Bhaskar Reddy said...
August 30, 2011 at 3:14 AM

Hi here i'm sending my requirement can u send me code for this...

Should update ‘Pricelist ’ with standard cost.
• If item not in ‘Pricelist’ , program should automatically add new item, cost & other required information.
• Able to update column “Static Formula” with “Cost + 15 %”(Will change in future & need flexibility to change in program/definition of Quick code suggested).
• We need to provide a new lookup code to capture the variables Price list name and formula name.
• Mark-up % is built in the formula and hence it need not be in the lookup code.
• user cst_cost_api.get_item_cost(1,:inventory_item_id, organization_id,NULL,NULL) or getting the current cost of an item
• to check the request_id which is updating the above cst table
• as soon as we can get the list of item whose cost is getting updated we can update our price list

Anonymous said...
November 26, 2013 at 12:44 AM

Can you please Update the Script for creating the Price Breaks for the List Line crated using above API..????

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