Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Supplier informations are stored in R12? (Query for fetching supplier info)

-- Supplier data in R12

Below query will tell you about the various tables used to store supplier information and their links with different modules like TCA, AP, E-Business Tax and Payment.

We tested this query in R12.1.1 instance.

SELECT hp.party_id
      ,hps.orig_system_reference party_site_reference
FROM   hz_parties hp
      ,hz_party_usg_assignments hpua
      ,hz_organization_profiles hop
      ,hz_party_sites hps
      ,ap_suppliers aps
      ,ap_supplier_sites_all apss
      ,iby_external_payees_all iep
      ,zx_party_tax_profile zxtp
WHERE  1 = 1
AND    hp.party_id        = hpua.party_id
AND    hp.party_id        = hop.party_id
AND    hp.party_id        = hps.party_id
AND    hp.party_id        = aps.party_id
AND    aps.vendor_id      = apss.vendor_id
AND    hps.party_site_id  =  apss.party_site_id
AND    hp.party_id        = iep.payee_party_id
AND    apss.vendor_site_id= iep.supplier_site_id
AND    hps.party_site_id  = iep.party_site_id
AND    hp.party_id        = zxtp.party_id
AND    hp.party_id        = 1234;

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