Sunday, February 28, 2010

What TCA contains?

1. Customers
We sell our products/services & bill customers using Order Management & Receivables

2. Suppliers
They sell us their goods(PO & iProc) and we pay their Payables invoices in Oracle

3. Employees
These can be special customers, or pseudo vendor if they even sue you, as you make them payment.

4. Banks
Banks can be paying us interest, or charging penalties, or selling us products.

5. Insurance Company
This is Interesting. When you buy their policy, you become their customer. However when you make a claim, you become their customer(as you get paid).

6. Students
Even more interesting than 5 above. They are your customers, as you would bill them. They can become your staff latter. Or they can become your vendor if they become independent contractor latter by selling their services to you. Even more, they can become your student again(for post-grad), after resigning as an employee.

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