Sunday, February 28, 2010

Purpose of MO_GLOBAL.init in R12?

Purpose of mo_global.init :-
It will check if new Multi Org Security Profile is set, to decide if new Security Profile method will be used.
If the new MO security profile is set, then mo_global.init inserts one record, for each Organization in Org Hierarchy, in table mo_glob_org_access_tmp
When & from where is mo_global.init called ?
This package procedure will be called as soon as you login or as soon as you switch responsibility. Just like FND_GLOBAL.INITIALIZE is called. It is safe to assume that Oracle will invoke MO_GLOBAL.INIT after FND_GLOBAL.INITIALIZE

Is mo_glob_org_access_tmp table a global temporary table?
Yes, it is. Hence after Multi Org is initialised for your session, your session will have X number of records in table mo_glob_org_access_tmp. X is the number of organizations assigned to MO Security profile [view org hierarchy or org list in security profile]

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