Sunday, February 28, 2010

Basics of Implementing Oralce apps

  • All the pl/sql packages will be created in APPS Schema
  • All the views will be created in APPS Schema
  • For each table in individual schema, there will exist one synonym in APPS schema
  • Tables are not created in APPS schema.
  • Every implementation has at least 1 custom schema, where custom tables are created. For each custom table created by you, you will need to create a Synonym in APPS schema
  • As a developer, you will either connect to APPS Schema or to the custom schema where you will create new tables.
Some notes:-
Custom tables are generally required in Oracle ERP because:-
1. You wish to create a custom screens ( your own screen to capture some info) for a functionality that is not delivered by Oracle
2. Pre-Interface tables ( Interface will certainly be discussed in one of the latter chapters)
3. Temp processing
4. Staging of data for third party extract interfaces….and much more

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