Sunday, February 28, 2010

Basic of Concurrent manager in Oracle Apps

1. Concurrent Manager is related to Concurrent  Programs

2. Concurrent manager manages the concurrent(oops I mean parallel) execution of concurrent programs.

3. In oracle apps you have a concurrent program submission screen. You can submit the concurrent program from that screen.

4. There is something known as Concurrent Manager that runs in the background all the time. This background process, called Concurrent Manager ideally will be running 24x7.
As the name suggests, purpose of a concurrent manager is to manage the submitted concurrent programs

5. Concurrent manager will be running in the background waiting for a concurrent program to be submitted. As soon as a concurrent program is submitted, it then gets put in an execution queue by
concurrent manager.

6. At any given point in time a concurrent manager can run no more than say 10 programs concurrently. This figure of 10 is configurable of course. First the manager puts a submitted program into a queue, next the manager checks if there is a slot available (i.e. Less than 10 programs are currently running). If a slot is found available, the concurrent manager then runs the program, or else it keeps the concurrent program in a queue with status Pending.

7. When you define a concurrent program, you can specify if there are any incompatible programs. If incompatible concurrent programs exist, then concurrent manager will wait for the incompatible program to complete.

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Anonymous said...
March 30, 2012 at 1:43 AM

Can i run a concurrent program at the same time? Suppose i have CPG1 concurrent program.What happens if i submit this request from two different systems at the same time?How would a concurrent manager respond in this scenario?

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