Friday, April 2, 2021

API to create a Web contact point in TCA Oracle Apps R12 (HZ_CONTACT_POINT_V2PUB.CREATE_WEB_CONTACT_POINT)








In this post, we have given a sample script to create a WEB contact point for a Party in TCA (Trading Community Architecture).


Tested Instance: R12.2.4


SET SERVEROUTPUT ON; DECLARE lv_init_msg_list VARCHAR2(200) DEFAULT fnd_api.g_true; lv_return_status VARCHAR2(200); ln_msg_count NUMBER; lv_msg_data VARCHAR2(2000); lv_msg VARCHAR2(2000); ln_contact_point_id NUMBER; ln_object_version_number NUMBER; lr_contact_point_rec_type hz_contact_point_v2pub.contact_point_rec_type; lr_web_rec_type hz_contact_point_v2pub.web_rec_type; BEGIN lr_contact_point_rec_type.actual_content_source := hz_contact_point_v2pub.g_miss_content_source_type; lr_contact_point_rec_type.contact_point_type := 'WEB'; lr_contact_point_rec_type.created_by_module := 'TCA_V2_API'; lr_contact_point_rec_type.primary_flag := 'N'; lr_contact_point_rec_type.owner_table_name := 'HZ_PARTIES'; lr_contact_point_rec_type.owner_table_id := 4168; lr_web_rec_type.web_type := 'HTTP'; lr_web_rec_type.url := ''; hz_contact_point_v2pub.create_web_contact_point ( p_init_msg_list => lv_init_msg_list, p_contact_point_rec => lr_contact_point_rec_type, p_web_rec => lr_web_rec_type, x_contact_point_id => ln_contact_point_id, x_return_status => lv_return_status, x_msg_count => ln_msg_count, x_msg_data => lv_msg_data ); dbms_output.put_line ('API Status: ' || lv_return_status); IF (lv_return_status <> 'S') THEN dbms_output.put_line ('ERROR :' || lv_msg_data); END IF; dbms_output.put_line ('Create Email is completed'); COMMIT; EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN dbms_output.put_line ('Error:' || SQLERRM); ROLLBACK; END;


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