Saturday, September 19, 2020

HZ_PARTY_V2PUB.UPDATE_ORGANIZATION - API to update Party Organization Details (hz_organization_profiles) in Oracle apps R12







Below API can be used to update the organization details of a party in TCA module.


Test Instance: R12


Scope: Public

Test Script:

DECLARE ln_object_version_number NUMBER; lv_init_msg_list VARCHAR2(200) DEFAULT fnd_api.g_true; lr_organization_rec apps.hz_party_v2pub.organization_rec_type; ln_msg_count NUMBER; lv_return_status VARCHAR2(200); lv_msg_data VARCHAR2(200); lv_msg VARCHAR2(200); ln_profile_id NUMBER; ln_party_id NUMBER DEFAULT 123456; BEGIN SELECT MAX(object_version_number) INTO ln_object_version_number FROM hz_parties WHERE party_id = ln_party_id; lr_organization_rec.party_rec.party_id := ln_party_id; lr_organization_rec.year_established := 2020; -- Calling ORGANIZATION update API HZ_PARTY_V2PUB.UPDATE_ORGANIZATION ( p_init_msg_list => lv_init_msg_list, p_organization_rec => lr_organization_rec, p_party_object_version_number => ln_object_version_number, x_profile_id => ln_profile_id, x_return_status => lv_return_status, x_msg_count => ln_msg_count, x_msg_data => lv_msg_data ); IF (lv_return_status <> FND_API.G_RET_STS_SUCCESS) THEN FOR i IN 1 .. FND_MSG_PUB.COUNT_MSG LOOP lv_msg := lv_msg || FND_MSG_PUB.get(p_msg_index => i, p_encoded => FND_API.G_FALSE ) || '; '; END LOOP; DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('lv_msg:'||lv_msg); END IF; END;

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