Thursday, May 14, 2015

Query to Fetch AP Payment Template Details in R12

SELECT apt.template_id,
       ipmv.payment_method_name                   pmt_method_name,
       cba.bank_account_name                      bank_acct_name,
       ipp.payment_profile_name                   pmt_profile_name,
       cpd.payment_document_name                  pmt_doc_name,
       apt.pay_group_option                       pay_grp_optn,
       (SELECT RTRIM(XMLAGG(XMLELEMENT(e, apg.vendor_pay_group||
                     ',')) .extract('//text()'),
        FROM   ap_pay_group apg
        WHERE  apg.template_id = apt.template_id) enabled_pay_groups,
       apt.ou_group_option                        ou_grp_optn,
       (SELECT RTRIM(XMLAGG(XMLELEMENT(e, hou.short_code||
                     ',')) .extract('//text()'),
        FROM   ap_ou_group,
               hr_operating_units hou
        WHERE  org_id = hou.organization_id
           AND template_id = apt.template_id)     enabled_ous,
       apt.currency_group_option                  curr_grp_optn,
       (SELECT RTRIM(XMLAGG(XMLELEMENT(e, acg.currency_code||
                     ',')) .extract('//text()'), ',')
        FROM   ap_currency_group acg
        WHERE  acg.template_id = apt.template_id) enabled_currencies,
       apt.description                            ppp_description,
       apt.vendor_type_lookup_code                vdr_type_lcode,
       apt.document_rejection_level_code          doc_reject_lvl,
       apt.payment_rejection_level_code           pmt_reject_lvl,
       plc.displayed_field                        supplier_type,
       pv.vendor_name                             payee,
       alc1.displayed_field                       template_type_name,
       gdct.user_conversion_type                  user_rate_type,
FROM   ap_payment_templates apt,
       po_lookup_codes plc,
       iby_payment_methods_vl ipmv,
       iby_payment_profiles ipp,
       ce_bank_accounts cba,
       ap_lookup_codes alc1,
       gl_daily_conversion_types gdct,
       po_vendors pv,
       fnd_user fu,
       ce_payment_documents cpd
WHERE  fu.user_id = apt.last_updated_by
   AND plc.lookup_code(+) = apt.vendor_type_lookup_code
   AND plc.lookup_type(+) = 'VENDOR TYPE'
   AND cba.bank_account_id(+) = apt.bank_account_id
   AND ipmv.payment_method_code(+) = apt.payment_method_code
   AND alc1.lookup_type(+) = 'PAYMENT_TEMPLATE_TYPE'
   AND alc1.lookup_code(+) = apt.template_type
   AND gdct.conversion_type(+) = apt.payment_exchange_rate_type
   AND ipp.payment_profile_id(+) = apt.payment_profile_id
   AND pv.party_id(+) = apt.party_id
   AND apt.payment_document_id = cpd.payment_document_id(+)
ORDER  BY apt.template_name,

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