Sunday, August 17, 2014

API to check the AP Invoice Accounting Status AP_INVOICES_PKG.GET_POSTING_STATUS

In my recent project, we have a requirement to display the invoice Accounted status in a custom form. We have used the API AP_INVOICES_PKG.GET_POSTING_STATUS 


  -- Function get_inv_accounted_status
  -- This function returns the accounting status of the given ap invoice id  
  FUNCTION get_inv_accounted_status (pin_invoice_id IN NUMBER)
  lv_return_status  VARCHAR2(2) DEFAULT NULL;
    RETURN (ap_invoices_pkg.get_posting_status(pin_invoice_id));  
   RETURN 'N';
   RETURN 'N';
  END get_inv_accounted_status; 

11 Responses to “API to check the AP Invoice Accounting Status AP_INVOICES_PKG.GET_POSTING_STATUS”

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