Thursday, April 26, 2012

BANK STATEMENT OPEN INTERFACE in Oracle Apps Cash Management



Oracle Cash Management provides an open interface for loading electronic bank statement files into the bank statement tables. The Bank Statement Open Interface consists of two interface tables and an import program. The tables contain information about the bank statement header and bank statement lines and the Bank Statement Import program transfers information from the open interface tables to the bank statement tables.

To simplify the implementation of Oracle Cash Management, the Bank Statement Open Interface has been enhanced to offer a complete solution for loading bank statement information from an external file. Using the new Bank Statement Loader feature, data can be quickly and easily loaded from BAI2 and SWIFT940 bank statement files into the Bank Statement Open Interface tables without any programming. The Bank Statement Loader also supports user-defined formats like French EDIFACT. Once data is populated into the open interface tables, the Bank Statement Import program is used to transfer the data to the base bank statement tables.

Graphical Representation of Import Process:



Part1: Introduction and Graphical Representation of Bank Statement Import Process

Part 2: Step to implement Bank Statement Open Interface - Setups

Part 3: Table Details related to Open Interface Bank Statement

Part 4: Sample Script to submit Bank Statement loader program and capture the status of the concurrent programs

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