Saturday, May 21, 2011


In this post, I tried to describe the major entities contained within the TCA Customer model.
·         Parties: Party is an entity that enters into a business relationship. There are four types of parties –
§  Organization  
§  People           
§  Groups        
§  Relationship
·         Locations: A Location is a point in geographical space.
·         Party Sites: A Party Site links a Party with Locations. Parties can be associates to one or more locations and locations can be associate to one or more Parties.
·         Party Site Uses: A Party Site use describes the usage of locations (e.g., mailing address, billing address etc.)
·         Party Relationships: A Party relationship allows for the linking of any two parties. When two parties are connected via a party relationship type is assigned, which describe the relationship.
·         Contacts: A Contact is a party that serves as a contact for another party. e.g., A person is a contact for another person or a organizations is a contact for another organization.
·         Contact Points: Contact points store electronic methods of communicating with entities such as parties and party sites.
·         Customer Accounts: Customer accounts represent a business relationship. When a party becomes a customer an account is created and associated to the party to track the attributes of the customer relationship. A party can have more then one account.
·         Customer Account Sites: A Customer Account site is a party site that is used within the context of a Customer account.
·         Customer Account Contacts: A Customer Account Contact is a contact that is used in the context of a Customer Account.


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