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Lockbox Interface Processing in Oracle Apps – Overview and Process Flow Graphical Representation


What is Lockbox?
Lockbox is a service featured in banks or other service companies wherein customers will send the payments to the bank and receipts are immediately created in oracle apps.
What is Auto lockbox in Oracle Apps Receivables?
Auto lockbox is a program available in Oracle Receivables which helps you to import payments or receipts.  In real world, Banks would provide data files which would have information about the payments made by customers.  Receivables auto-lockbox program would help you in importing information from these data files into your system.
What typical Auto lockbox transmissions do?
A typical Auto lockbox transmission has various different records, each with relevant data. Transmission, Lockbox, batch and receipt are different levels of records it will look for to process the receipts.  And at each level the validations will be done to ensure the total transmission amount, batch amount and total receipt amount.  Counts at different levels will be validated in the same way. Transmission also has information about the bank account (used with lockbox).  Lockbox data file has a record type that indicates the type of data the record has.  Oracle provides a default layout but depending on the requirements we can customize the layouts.

Process Flow: Graphical Representation

Detail Processing Steps is available in the below link: 

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