Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Invoke Forms Personalization in Oracle apps?


STEP 1: Enabling the forms personalization feature
Access to the “Personalize” menu can be controlled with help of profile options. By setting up these profile options, the access to the Personalize menu can be limited for the authorized users. This will prevent unauthorized users from changing the look and behavior of the forms.
The profile options are…
·         Utilities: Diagnostics = Yes/No
·         Hide Diagnostics = Yes/No

STEP 2: Navigate to the form to be personalized then invoke
The specific form should be opened first, then invoke the “Personalization form” using the above navigation. Then define the personalization rules and actions on the personalization form, validate and apply them which automatically add the custom rules to the underlying specific form.
For example, if the specific form is “Move Order”; Open the “Move Order” form first, and then invoke the “Personalization Form” using the menu option.

Menu Navigation: Help à Diagnostics à Custom Code à Personalize
Let us see further about form personalization in my future posts..

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