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Forms Personalization in Oracle Apps Overview - Part 2 ( Action Types in Detail )


Let us see the action types in detail in ths post..


The action type “Property” is used to set the properties of the objects. The various objects include “Item, Window, Block, Global Variable etc”.

Property Type 
Select By Text button used to select an object based on text appearing on the screen at the point in time, the Personalization form is invoked, including any changes that current rules might have performed.  Target Object can be selected from the list.
Target Object, either name defined in the form or variable name should be entered depending on the object type selected.
Property Name is the property to be changed.
Value is the new desired value for the property.
The current value of the property will be displayed when clicked on the Get Value button.
SQL functions and operators can be used to assign value. Any value started with “=” operator will be evaluated at runtime otherwise the value is treated as is entered in the value field.


The action type “Message” is used to display custom messages during runtime. Message Type and Message Text should be entered after selecting the action type as “Message”. The available message types are “Show, Hint, Error, Debug and Warn”.

 Message Type


The action type “Builtin” is used to execute the form and AOL functions. Depending on the builtin type selected, the arguments should be entered.

Builtin Type
Add Parameter… list of Values displays currently used parameters. Applies to the builtin ‘Launch a Function’ only.


The action type “Menu” is used to activate the available special menus on the Tools menu.  Oracle Applications provide 45 special menus under Tools menu which can be used by customers based on their requirements.  The menus are arranged in 3 sets of 15 each under the Tools, Reports and Actions pull-down menus. If you select a menu that the base form is already using, your functionality will override the form's functionality. 
Select the Menu Entry which is not used by the form.
Menu Label is the prompt which appears to the users when Tools menu is invoked.
Icon name is the .ico file name.
Enabled in Block(s) specifies the blocks for which the special menu should be activated.

Menu Type
A separator can be created above the activated special menu by selecting the “Render line before menu” checkbox.
This property can be used only in WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE event.

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