Thursday, December 23, 2010

Suppliers and their Bank Details in Oracle Apps R12


Below query will give the details about the joins between suppliers and Bank Account tables. We have tested this query in R12.1.1 instance.

             /*Supplier Information*/           
              aps.segment1                       oracle_supplier_number
             ,aps.vendor_name                    supplier_name
             ,aps.party_id                       supplier_party_id
             ,iepa.remit_advice_fax              remit_advice_fax
             ,iepa.remit_advice_email            remit_advice_email
             /* Supplier Site Information */
             ,assa.party_site_id                 supplier_party_site_id
             ,assa.vendor_site_code              vendor_site_code
             ,assa.pay_site_flag                 pay_site_flag
             ,assa.purchasing_site_flag          purchasing_site_flag
             ,assa.rfq_only_site_flag            rfq_only_site_flag
             /* Bank Information*/
             ,hp.party_name                      Bank_party_name
             ,ieba.bank_account_num              bank_account_num
             ,ieba.bank_account_name             bank_account_name
             ,ieba.country_code                  bank_acct_country_code
             ,ieba.currency_code                 bank_acct_currency_code
             /* Bank Address */
             ,hp.address1                        bank_address_line1
             ,hp.address2                        bank_address_line2
             ,hp.address3                        bank_address_line3
             ,                            bank_address_city
             ,hp.state                           bank_address_state
             ,hp.postal_code                     bank_address_zip
             ,                         bank_address_country
             /* Bank Branch Address */
             ,hp1.address1                       branch_address_line1
             ,hp1.address2                       branch_address_line2
             ,hp1.address3                       branch_address_line3
             ,                           branch_address_city
             ,hp1.state                          branch_address_state
             ,hp1.postal_code                    branch_address_zip
             ,                        branch_address_country
FROM          ap_supplier_sites_all              assa
             ,hz_parties                         hp           
             ,iby_ext_bank_accounts              ieba
             ,iby_external_payees_all            iepa
             ,iby_pmt_instr_uses_all             ipiua            
             ,ap_suppliers                       aps
             ,hz_parties                         hp1           
WHERE        assa.vendor_site_id         =      iepa.supplier_site_id
AND          hp.party_id                 =      ieba.bank_id
AND          ipiua.instrument_id         =      ieba.ext_bank_account_id
AND          ipiua.ext_pmt_party_id      =      iepa.ext_payee_id
AND          assa.vendor_id              =      aps.vendor_id
AND          ieba.branch_id              =      hp1.party_id
AND          ipiua.instrument_type       =      'BANKACCOUNT'
AND          ipiua.payment_flow          =      'DISBURSEMENTS'
AND          ipiua.order_of_preference   =      1;

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