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Autoinvoice Setup: Profile Values

In this post, i have given a consolidated data taken from different metalink notes and other sources about the Profile options associated with Autoinvoice Program.

1. Security Profile
There are three profile options which govern access to data partitioned by organizations.

MO: Operating Unit
R11i profile option that will be maintained for those products and customers not leveraging Multiple Organizations.

MO: Security Profile
The MO Security Profile controls the list of operating units that a responsibility can access. So you would assign the Security Profile that you just created to this profile option. The lowest level you can set the profile option for is the responsibility level.

MO: Default Operating Unit
This allows you to specify an operating unit that will be the default when you open different subledger application pages. Because users can access multiple operating units, you may want to set up a default operating unit rather than forcing users to constantly have to choose one during data entry.  When we talk about the User Preferences later, you can also specify a different default operating unit than the one assigned to this profile option. 

2. AR: Autoinvoice Gather Statistics
This profile option determines if the AutoInvoice Master program analyzes and gathers information about the interface tables each time AutoInvoice is run. Analyzing tables ties up system resources, but in some cases may address AutoInvoice performance issues.

If the value for this profile option is set to Yes, or is null, AutoInvoice analyzes the interface tables and gathers statistics. If the value is set to No, AutoInvoice does not analyze the interface tables.

This profile option can be set by the system administrator at the site, application, responsibility, and user levels. The user can also update this profile option.

3. AR: Default Exchange Rate Type
This option determines the default exchange rate to use when converting foreign currency transactions to your functional currency.
Valid values are:
Corporate Exchange Rate - An exchange rate you define to standardize rates. This rate is usually a standard market rate determined by senior financial management for use throughout the organization.
Spot Exchange Rate - An exchange rate to perform a conversion based on the rate on a specific date.
User Specified Rate - An exchange rate to specify when entering a foreign currency transaction.

4. AR: Maximum Lines per AutoInvoice Worker
This profile option lets you set a maximum number of lines per AutoInvoice worker. The value for this option can be set by the system administrator at the site, application responsibility, and user levels, but cannot be updated by the user. This profile option has no default value.

5. AR: Use Invoice Accounting For Credit Memos
This profile option determines whether to assign your credit memo to the same accounts that are assigned to the invoice you are crediting.
The value for this option can be set by the system administrator at the site, application,responsibility, and user levels, but cannot be updated by the user. 
If you are interfacing data from Project Accounting, you need to set this profile to No at the application level for Oracle Projects. This setting will then allow data to be passed into RA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL table for Projects Invoices. 

6. Sequential Numbering
Sequential Numbering assigns numbers to documents that you create in Oracle financial products. For example, when you are in a window that creates invoices, each invoice document can be numbered sequentially.
Sequential numbering provides a method of checking whether documents have been posted or lost.
Not all windows within an application can be selected to support sequential numbering.
Sequential Numbering has the following profile option settings:
Always Used - You may not enter a document if no sequence exists for it.
Not Used  - You may always enter a document.
Partially Used - You will be warned, but not prevented from entering a document, when no sequence exists.

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