Thursday, November 11, 2010

JPR and Build.xml file contains what?


This is called as project file. This acts as a parent node in the System or Application Navigator for all the files within the project. All relevant project information is stored in this file. This file gets created when a BPEL project is created with default project properties or gets updated when alter those settings for an existing project.
JPR file loads all the required BPEL project related files into JDeveloper. There is no need to edit a project file directly; this automatically gets updated whenever a change is made in the properties by wizard.

Build.xml file

This is an apache ant file used for compiling and deploying process.
This file contains reference to key files ant-orabpel.xml and file to bind properties value at the time of building a jar file.
ant-orabpel.xml: is a BPEL server file residing in the server. This file contains server information like server host name, port number, server credentials, default domain name, etc. is a project specific properties file and located with in the project folder. Properties specific to the BPEL process including custom properties can be specified in this file.

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