Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interview Questions : Shipping Concepts

What is Trip in Oracle Apps?

  • A trip is carrier specific and represents a unique instance of that carrier leaving your warehouse carrying deliveries.
  • The carrier could be a public carrier such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, or could be a company’s own fleet of trucks
  • A trip could represent a truck, air cargo, ship cargo, or railcar. These entities would be set up as Items in Inventory with an item type of “vehicle”.
  • Each trip has a minimum of two stops, Pick-Up and Drop-Off.
  • A trip can be created automatically or manually from the Shipping Transaction form or can be automatically created from the Ship Confirm form.
  • Companies that use public carriers let the system automatically create Trips as part of the Ship Confirm process. This eliminates unnecessary transactions.

What is Trip Stops in Oracle Apps?

  • A Stop is a point along the route that a trip makes to it’s final destination.
  • The Ship Confirm process initiates the “Pick-Up” stop and putting the Delivery “In-Transit”.
  • Manually record all stops made by the Trip using the Shipping Transaction form or have the Ship Confirm process automatically close a Trip, which creates and closes the “Pickup” stop and changes the Delivery status to “Shipped”.
  • Companies that use public carries let the system automatically close a Trip as part of Ship Confirm.

What is Delivery legs in Oracle Apps?

  • A Delivery Leg consists of two stops where the delivery is picked up and dropped off, respectively on the same trip. The delivery might travel through several legs to get to its final destination. A Delivery leg is synonymous to the Bill of Lading.
  • A bill of lading is a receipt, listing all the goods that were signed over to a carrier.
  • The Ship Confirm form has the option to generate a bill of lading which can then be printed as part of the Delivery Document Set.

What is  Deliveries in Oracle Apps?

  • A Delivery is required to perform Ship Confirm. It represents all the goods that were shipped from the same warehouse, going to the same Customer location.
  • The grouping of delivery lines into deliveries is restricted by the grouping rules that are established on the Shipping Parameters - Delivery Grouping Tab.
  • A Delivery can be created automatically or manually from the Shipping Transaction form at any time after the order lines have become “Awaiting Shipment” or can be automatically created during the Release Sales Order process.

What is Delivery Lines in Oracle Apps?

  • Delivery Lines are Sales Order Lines which have completed all their workflow activities that are prerequisites to Shipping such as Schedule – Line or Create Supply.
  • Delivery lines are visible from the Shipping Transaction form. They are also visible from the Sales Order Line’s Additional Information – Deliveries tab.

What is LPN’s in Oracle Apps?

  • LPN, (License Plate Number) are also known as Containers.
  • A container can be loaded inside of another container, for example, pack an item into a box and then pack that box onto a pallet.
  • Containers must be setup as inventory items.
  • Containers can be made mandatory using your Shipping Parameters.

What is Ship From in Oracle Apps?

  • The Ship From location represents the warehouse that is performing the shipping transaction. A warehouse is an Inventory Organization. Each address that you can ship from within an organization must be setup as an Inventory location.

What is Ship to in Oracle Apps?

  • The Ship To location represents a “Ship-To” address that has been setup on the Customer’s record.

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