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AutoPost: Posting Journal Batches Automatically

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In Many Cases, we need to post journal in a specific order because one transaction need to be completed before committing another transaction. In Oracle apps, we have a option named “Auto Post criteria set”. With this we can automatically post journal batches that meet specific criteria. Once we define an AutoPost criteria set, run the AutoPost program to select and post any journal batches that meet the criteria defined by the criteria set. You can also schedule the AutoPost program to run at specific times and submission intervals.

Definition of Auto Post Criteria Set


  1. Unique name to be assigned to Criteria set. Which will be used while submitting the “Auto post program”
  2. Mark the enable check box if the Autopost criteria set need to be enabled else leaves it unmarked. Default is enabled.
  3. The options button in the “Posting submission options” part is used to specify that journals and journal sets are posted based on their priority.
Ø      Submit All Priorities in Order: Select this option to submit the batches for all of your AutoPost priorities in the same AutoPost run. Note that priorities are processed in order, based on the Priority number.
Ø      Submit Only Priorities with Batches in Order: Select this option to submit batches only from the specified Number of Priorities in the same AutoPost run. If a priority results in no selected batches it is not included in the count of the number of priorities whose batches are processed. For example, if the number of priorities is 2 and your first priority has no selected batches, AutoPost will process priorities 2 and 3. If you submit AutoPost again, it will process priorities 4 and 5, and so on for each priority that has selected batches.
  1. We need to specify the Auto post Criteria’s effective dates
  2. The Priority field can take values from 1 to 99. The journal source with the priority number 1 will be posted first and the journal source with the priority number 99 will be posted last. When we assign same priority to multiple journal sources then they will be posted simultaneously.
  3. Choose your journal source from the list of values
  4. Choose the needed category, balance type, period for the journal. Balance type of the journal helps you to identify the type of transactions.
Ø      Actual” tells that the journal contains all types of transactions.
Ø      The option “Encumbrance” tells that the journal contains transactions that will be completed in future.
Ø      The option “Budget” tell you that the journal contains budget transactions of the organization.
Ø      Finally we can specify “ALL” also which tells that journal can contain any of the above transactions
  1. Save the Transaction

Submission of Auto Post Program:
Auto post criteria set can be submitted manually or automatically.
Manual submission is done by clicking the submit button in the above screen. Once clicked we receive the request id as below

For Automatic submission: We have the program named “Program – Automatic Posting
This can be done directly from the above form by clicking the “Schedule” button.

Choose the parameter Auto post Criteria set as “VISION_POST_SET” as above and schedule the program as per the requirements.

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