Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Profile Options related to iSupplier

Below list will give you the profile values related to iSuppliers module. These values are verified in R12.1.1 instance.

Ø      RCV: Fail All ASN Lines if One Line Fails
Value: No/Yes (Default: No)
Description: Indicates whether the creation of ASN/ASBNs in Oracle Internet Supplier Portal       will fail all ASN lines if one line fails.

Ø      POS: Limit invoice to single PO
Value: No/Yes (Default: No)
Description: Indicates whether an Invoice created in Internet Supplier Portal will be limited to the shipments belonging to a single Purchase Order

Ø      POS: Invoice Unit Price change for Quantity-Based Matches
Value: Allowable type of price change.
Description: Self Explanatory

Ø      POS: Allow Invoice Backdating
Value: Yes/No

Ø      POS: Default Promise date acknowledgement
Value: Yes/No
Description: If the promise date is null, whether the promise date defaults to the need-by date after supplier's acknowledgement.

Ø      POS: OSN Hub
Value: Hub name

Ø      EDR: E-Records and E-Signatures
Value: No/Yes
Description: Indicates whether E-Signature functionality has been enabled

Ø      POS: ASL planning attribute updates from supplier approved by
Value: Buyer's Approval Required, Planner's Approval Required, No Approval Required
Description: Indicates the person whose approval is required when supplier submits changes via Order Modifiers and Maintain Capacity functionality

Ø      POS: ASN Shipment Display Period
Value: Number of days

Ø      Default load setting for number of sites allowed to be created during address approval.
Description: Controls how many sites can be created in the address approval flows in Supplier Profile Management.

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